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Control Systems with BMS Integration

Control panels can be linked up to proprietary BMS systems, such as TREND and SCADA to provide information and remote operation, with full integration available.

The touch screen controllers included within the majority of our systems are simple, intuitive and powerful, with access for user level and engineer level features giving full system diagnostics; the interface can be custom designed to suit requirements.

The Control Philosophy is essential for maximising system uptime and reliability through intelligent switchover of pumps and fans, along with effective system arrangement and alarm output in the event of a fault or emergency.

The control panel in many ways is the focal point of any system. It can turn a simple pump set into an intelligent part of a greater system. The power of a bespoke, in-house control system is that it is tailor made to suit the process it is controlling. Modular drive and processing units combine with powerful control software to allow precise and reliable regulation of equipment. Temperature and pressure sensors provide information for process control, indication and alarm output. Inverter drive technology is also available for precise control and energy efficient operation.

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