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From Concept to Manufacture Delivery to Installation

Turnkey Cooling Package

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Refrigerated Water Chillers

5 kW to 5000 kW
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ADIABATIC COOLER Cooling Component Parts
Process Cooling Systems & Solutions
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Product spotlight
Water Chiller

Packaged refrigerated water chillers to provide Cooling Water at temperatures below 20°C to your process. Air-cooled units are available from 2kW to 100kW with tank and pump. 3kW - 8kW single phase models and 9kW - 100kW 3 phase models. Generally available from stock on a 4-6 day delivery... Read more ››

Installation spotlight
BDiC Installation

We can offer installations using Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Copper, Brass, ABS and/or other pipework materials. Jointing dependant on the materials used can be welded, screwed, crimped or glued. BDI Cooling offer a full installation... Read more ››

Process Cooling Systems & Solutions
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