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Compressor Heat Recovery

What is Compressor Heat Recovery?

Over 90% of the electrical input to a compressor is lost as heat. By recovering this waste heat energy from air or water-cooled compressors you can reduce your energy bills significantly and thus reduce CO2 emissions. The thermal energy recovered can be recovered to an air or water system and utilised in many different ways. Many companies gain significant financial benefits from installing waste heat recovery equipment, especially if the site has long operating hours.

The benefits of Compressor Heat Recovery are as follows:
  • Attractive return on investment periods (typically less than 2 years)
  • Retrofittable
  • High levels of recoverable energy
  • Large temperature ranges for multiple uses.

The range of uses for this heat will depend on the application and temperatures of the system, however typically could be used for:

  • Heating of steam system make-up water
  • Heating of wash down water
  • Paint facilities / wash lines
  • Space heating / central heating
  • Domestic hot water i.e. toilets, kitchens, laboratories, showers etc
  • Boiler return water heating
  • Process heating
  • Combustion air pre-heating
  • Electrical generation (organic rankine cycle, steam turbine or expanders)
  • Absorption chillers
  • Drying.
Support Services:

BDIC strive to ensure end users and distributors receive the full benefit of working with a specialist supplier that offers:

  • Expert Technical advice on all aspects of fluid selection, including Environmental Impact Assessments, Thermal Performance etc
  • Fluid Maintenance Programs for the proactive verification of fluid and system condition
  • A vast stock inventory facilitating same day dispatch and delivery
  • Bespoke formulations for specialist applications.

For further information about these systems please email: